PRIZKO Battle Rope 2” Inch Diameter 30ft Length with Wall Anchor Straps Kit, Sleeve, Carry Bag, Perfect Cardio Training & Strength Training Equipment, 100% Poly Dracon


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  • About this item

    • ?COMPLETE KIT WITH 5 ACCESSORIES: includes a 100% Poly Dracon Battle Rope of 1.5″ inches and 30Ft length (weight 15.5lbs), equipped with Red Nylon Sleeves, rubber grips of 7″ inches heat-shrink, Wall Anchor with screws, Nylon Extension Strap with stainless steal carabiner, middle Sheath Anti-friction, Workout Bag to carry or storage of your rope, user manual and instruction
    • ?UPGRADE YOUR TRAINING TO NEXT LEVEL: PRIZKO Battle Rope brings an ideal solution workout ropes heavy for home and outdoor, perfect battle ropes for home you can install our rope indoor with the wall anchor included or workout outdoor with the nylon strap kit easy and fast anywhere
    • ?DURABLE & HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Our weighted ropes for exercises are made with high quality material making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor, it won’t get damaged even on the concrete surfaces
    • ?LONG HANDLES MAKING IT THE PERFECT GRIP: Many battle ropes slip out of your hands during your workout .That’s why PRIZKO battle ropes have manufactured these ropes for the perfect non slip grip to protect your hands. Our weighted ropes have long coated handles that will not slip out of your hands even when you are sweating
    • ?TONE YOUR BODY FAST: The PRIZKO gym ropes are a complete full body workout targeting your arms, shoulders and legs for fast results. The battle ropes focus on different muscle groups making this more than cardio and into a strength training equipment. Different movements of the heavy rope increases strength making it ideal for beginners or for sports people looking to get more from their workout


Product description(Battle rope)

Battle ropes are an amazing tool to improve your conditioning and burn lots of calories. It is an ideal way of full-body exercise.

That’s why PRIZKO brings the battle ropes for those looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, tone their existing muscles, or train imbalances and endurance. our battle rope is perfect for all exercisers whether its CrossFit, weightlifting, strength training, or bodybuilding. These workout ropes are built with a heavy-duty Poly Dracon which ensures that even the toughest workouts can’t damage this rope.

Battle Rope Options:

The weighted ropes for exercise training are available in 2 different lengths 1.5-inch Diameter x 30 ft Length or 2-inch Diameter x 30 for Length.

If you are looking for general fitness, we recommend the 1.5″ x 30 ft – 18 lbs. battle rope. It will allow you to go hard, maintain a solid grip, and will fit perfectly into a circuit training workout. Cheap battle ropes for sale

But, if you are looking for a tough grip intensity workout, we recommend the 2.0″ x 30 ft – 31 lbs. battle rope. These ropes are larger than the 1.5″ width ropes and require a larger hand and stronger grip to maintain control. If you want to build muscle and you’re prepared to perform tough workout then 2” thick rope will play an ideal role in your intense training. Best battle ropes to buy

Package Includes:

  • 30 feet Battle Rope (2-inch Diameter)
  • Wall buckle
  • Nylon anchor extension
  • Extra sheath friction protection
  • One nice carry bag for easy transportation

Key Features:

  • Ideal for a full-body workout
  • Made of 100% Poly Dracon with protection
  • Extra durable training ropes
  • Easily stored and packed away
  • Heavy ropes for an intense workout


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